Jan 13, 2020

Notes from the field: Implementing Storage Spaces Direct (S2D) 2019 + Lenovo + WSLab

As you may or may not already know the documentation for Storage Spaces Direct is just sad. While one may argue it's simple so that everyone can do that, it's missing so many details so in fact there is a high probability that if you follow it you will implement it wrong :-)

In the following blog posts, I will try to sum up the experience of deploying disaggregated Hyper-V/S2D cluster. Most of the scripts and information are taken from the https://github.com/microsoft/WSLab project which is just an amazing collection of information for S2D deployments.

  1. Hardware consideration
  2. Setting up BMC/IMM
  3. Bare-metal deployment with XClarity Administrator and Virtual Machine Manager 2019 
  4. Networking
  5. Performance testing

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